David Carey

George Kasap

Mike Bima

Joe Sassano

Tom McGunnigal

Don Baldin

Kevin Carey,

Ryan Peterson

Ron Marini

Dave Torres

Nate Tipton

Jeff Buettner

Tim Ksiakiewicz

Doug Lane

To provide a league where every 2nd thru 8th grade boy in the LP High School District who desires to learn and play the game of football, can do so, regardless of that player’s particular economic status. (No player shall ever be denied the right to play football in the LP Youth Football League due to an inability to pay the League’s registration fee.)

To provide a safe and fun environment for each and every player in the league. The safety of our players will always be the first and foremost goal of LP Youth Football.

To teach each player the proper techniques of football.

To instill discipline and to encourage sportsmanship amongst the players.

To create an environment that promotes a winning attitude, but not at the expense of the development of any individual player or players.

To foster an environment of “team”, from the players, to the coaches, to the parents, which will create a sense of pride in LP Youth Football -“Pride in Our Program” will be our motto.

To adequately prepare our players for their respective
next levels of football



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