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Rules for 2-4 grade

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  1. Games will consist of four (12) minute quarters and a continuous clock, with the exception listed below. Clock will only stop for time outs, injuries, and the end of a quarter. There will be 5 minutes put on the clock for each halftime. The Head Referee at each game can, at his sole discretion, declare a “heat break” at any time he may deem appropriate.
  2. Exception to the Continuous Clock Rule - When the game clock hits 2 minutes at the end of the first half and in the 4th quarter, the game clock will begin to be operated according to IHSA rules, and will not be operated as a “continuous clock.” Note – If a play starts at any time over 2 minutes left in the game, but ends with less than 2 minutes left in the game, then the refs will blow the whistle/stop the clock in accordance with IHSA rules. For example, if Team A snaps the ball with 2:06 left in the game, and their RB runs it 30 yards but is tackled out of bounds with 1:58 remaining, then the clock will stop per IHSA rules. (The league will reserve the right to “suspend” this rule if a game is a “blowout.” For example, if a team is losing 27-0, there is no reason to be stopping the clock in the last 2 minutes and lengthening the game. However, at no time will the league be allowed to suspend this “two minute rule” if the trailing team is down by 16 points or less……meaning, they are down by 2 scores and 2 (2) point conversions.)
  3. Teams will be allowed (2) timeouts per half.
  4. Teams will get 45 seconds to call a play. If the offense is at the line of scrimmage within 45 seconds, no penalty will be called.
  5. A team can have three (3) coaches on the field, for offense and defense, at any given time. At the snap of the ball, coaches on defense should be a minimum of 3 yard behind the deepest safety, and coaches on offense should be a minimum of 3 yards behind the deepest running back.
  6. Each team will have a “first half offense” and a “first half defense”, consisting of 11 different players on each. In the second half, players on the “first half offense” must play defense, and players on the “first half defense”, must then play offense. In 2012, this is being done by halves, not by quarters, and you must have 22 different players on offense and defense. No players can go “both ways” with prior consent of the LPYFL’s Executive Committee. In any case where the league would grant an exception to this rule, the opposing coach will be notified of said exception BEFORE the game and will be given the reason as to why this exception was granted. Note – The LPYFL Executive Committee will in all cases, make the final decision on exceptions to this rule, and under no circumstances are Head Coaches allowed to make “side agreements” or usurp this rule. If any Head Coach is concerned that this rule puts the safety of any particular player in jeopardy, then the Head Coach should discuss the matter with the LPYFL’s Executive Board on how to handle the matter. The LPYFL Executive Board will follow ‘The prudent man rule’, and will always place the safety of its players above all else.
  7. Any player weighing over 90 pounds will be “striped” and will not be allowed to carry the football or line up in a position to carry or catch the football.
  8. If a “striper” recovers a fumble or intercepts a pass, the ball will be considered “dead” at that point, and he may not advance the ball.
  9. All penalties shall be 5 yard penalties, with the exception of a personal foul or unsportsmanlike conduct…which will both be 15 yard penalties.
  10. Touchdowns are worth 6 points. A run PAT will be worth 1 point while a passing PAT will be worth 2 points. A kicking PAT will be awarded 3 points. On all kicking PAT attempts, the ball will be spotted at the 3 yard line and the kick shall be attempted from the 10 yard line. The defense may not rush and shall not attempt to block the PAT kicking attempt in any manner. There will be no defensive scoring on PAT attempts under any circumstances.
  11. There will be no kickoffs. Each team will start at the 40 yard line at the beginning of each half, and after each Touchdown.
  12. There will be no punting. If after 4 downs, a 1st down is not achieved, then the ball will be moved 20 yards up field to “simulate” a 20 yard punt.
  13. Not team shall ever start a possession inside its own 20 yard line because of a “punt.” (Example – If a team does not achieve a first down and ends up on their opponent’s 30 yard line, the team taking over on downs will start on their own 20 yard line, not their own 10 yard line.) If a team recovers a fumble or intercepts a pass inside its own 20 yard line, then on the change of possession, the ball will be spotted at the 20.
  14. The field will be of full regulation size.
  15. In the event of a Tie, there will be only one overtime period. In overtime, each team will have 4 tries to score from the 10 yard line. If a team scores a touchdown in these 4 downs, they will also try for a PAT (normal PAT rules apply). If after this overtime, the game is still tied, then the game shall end up in a Tie. (Exception is made for playoff games. Those games will be played until someone wins.)
  16. Every team at this level must play in a 4-3 defensive alignment. That means the DT must be lined up over the OG, the DE must be lined up over the TE (if no TE, then the DE must line up over the OT on that side), and the LB’s must be lined up a minimum of 3 yards from the line of scrimmage. OLB’s may not line up outside of the OT on each respective side of the ball. (This means that teams are not allowed to “flex out” their OLB’s.) CB’s must be “head up” if a WR lines up on their side, but must be at least 3 yards off of the line of scrimmage. If there is no WR to a CB’s side, then the CB must line up 3 yards off the line of scrimmage and at least 5 yards from TE to that side (if no TE, then 5 yards from the OT on that side.) Safeties must be a minimum of 7 yards off the line of scrimmage.
  17. Note/Clarification – All defensive linemen must be in a “down position.” In other words, the four defensive linemen cannot line up in a standing position. Also, defensive linemen must engage the offensive lineman. In other words, they cannot “shoot gaps.”
  18. No player can line up across “head up” from the center, under any circumstances.
  19. Only lineman can rush the passer, but no “stunting” or “twisting” will be allowed.
  20. There is no blitzing or gap shooting of any kind by LB’s/DB’s.
  21. It is the responsibility of the coaches on the field to make sure that all linemen are “head up”, and that no one is covering the center. If any coach believes the other team is “blitzing” LB’s or DB’s, then it should be immediately brought to the attention of the head official on the field. If the problem persists, the head official will penalize the team blitzing with a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. If even after being penalized for blitzing, a team continues to blitz, then the head coach of that team shall be subject to discipline by the League.

Teams will have 4 captains for each game and those captains will participate in the coin flip at the start of each game. Every player must get a minimum of one chance to be a team captain.
Teams may run any offense or offensive formation they wish. However, there should be the following at all times – A minimum of 7 men on the line of scrimmage, with 1 center, two guards, and 2 tackles. There shall never be more than 3 players outside of the tackle on any one side of the field.

Game Rules (5th-6th & 7th-8th):

A:  All players shall start and play in the full 1st half of the game on either offense or defense. 
If it is not possible to start in the 1st half do to team size of more than 23 or more players, option 1 is to have the players who did not start in the 1st half shall start and play the full 2nd half on either offense or defense, or option 2 is to have the players switch in and out for each other for the entire game. This is the fundamental rule on which the conference was formed and the only playtime exception allowed is to discipline a player, ability of a player is not a reason to limit playing time.  If a team is suspected of studding up in the first half, the game shall be continued under protest and finish as usual.  If the protest is upheld, then the head coach shall serve at a minimum a one game suspension up to and including removal and the game may be a forfeiture based on the investigation of the joint rules committee.
To protest a game, during a game, the Head Coach shall ask the Head Official for a meeting with the opposing Head Coach.  This should be done at the end of a Quarter, half, or at the end of the game before leaving the field.  After the game if you become aware of a playing time violation you need to notify your President.  All protests, an Attachment "B" needs to be filled out and given to your President before your next game.

B: Extra points:
Kicking = 2 points
Running or passing = 1 point

5th/6th grade only: during an extra point attempt the team will have one shot at executing the play. Once the place holder has control of the play the ref will yell go. If the holder does not have control of the ball example: if the ball is hiked over the holders head the play will be considered a dead play.

C: Quarter times:
5th/6th Grade: 8 minute Quarters.
7th/8th Grade: 9 minute Quarters.

D:  Sportsmanship Rule:
If you are ahead by 24 or more points every time you receive the ball you are 1st and goal from the spot of the ball, starting in the 2nd half.  If you go ahead by 30 or more points in the 2nd half the clock becomes a continuous clock and the head coaches shall meet to discuss a game plan for the rest of the game i.e. 2nd string offense, will run between the guards, no reverse plays, or other options to finish out the game. Note if there is a foul on the play, the penalty shall be marched off and the down shall be replayed or if it is a foul that requires an automatic first down, then you are given a new set of downs, after the penalty is marched off.

E:   Gate: The gate fee’s are as follows:
Adult - $3.00                                                             
Child - $1.00                                                              
Under 5 free                                                               
All Day Admission and if Stamped Valid at all Stadiums for the day.
F: Weight Rule:
Mandatory weigh in - all players who pick up equipment on equipment pick up day must weigh in that day. Furthermore, a player that signs up the week of the Jamboree or Camp/Combine must weigh in that week. A player that still hasn’t weighed in after those two chances must weigh in with a representative of the other board present prior to the first game. The dates for mandatory weigh in(s) must be sent to the other leagues executive board for scheduling a representative. If a league does not send a representative to the weigh in(s) then they forfeit their right to question any player’s weight. Once a player’s weight has been accepted, the player shall not be weighed in again or change status.

5th/6th Grade – 120lbs or less
(players over the weight limit are considered “strippers” and must have a strip on their helmet)

7th/8th Grade – No weight limit

G: Playing Rules: 5th/6th Grade

  1. No Blitzing from the line of scrimmage, Line backers shall be 3-5 yards off the ball and can cross the line of scrimmage after the snap. Safety’s 7 yards off the ball at minimum.  Corners can come up for bump and run on wide outs.  If there is no wide out on your side of the field the corner shall be the same distance as the linebackers.  Six man defensive front’s maximum.  Illegal formation penalty and can be deferred.
  2. 6-man defensive front on extra points and fields goals (head up on guard, head up on tackle, and head up on end or wider). Extra points and field goals the defense can rush when the referee says go (holder has control of the ball), except for linebackers and safety’s.
  3. The Offensive team shall declare that they are punting, the ball will be snapped and when the punter gains control of the snap the umpire will yell go, at that point both teams may begin the down.  No fake punts.
  4. If the punt is blocked and the ball doesn’t cross the line of scrimmage, the play will be whistled dead and the ball spotted at the original line of scrimmage and it shall be first and ten going the other way.
  5. If the punt is blocked and does cross the line scrimmage, we will follow IHSA Rules.
  6. Stripers cannot be in a planned position to advance the ball, but can advance from a defensive position on a fumble or interception. A Striper can advance an onside kick from the front line.
  7. You can have a nose tackle except on punts, extra points, and field goals.
  8. Your punter can be a striper, but he cannot advance the ball past the line of scrimmage.  Penalty 5 yards and can be deferred.
  9. No coaches on the field.
  10. 3 time outs per half, on hot days the referee’s shall stop the game for water breaks as needed.
  11. You must have 7 men on the line of scrimmage on offense please no wild formations.
  12. You may have one player in motion.
  13. If a striper advances the ball by a planned play it shall be whistled stopped and a 5 yard penalty.
  14. Striper cannot line up in a position where he could receive the ball:  punt receiver or kick receiver.
  15. Stripers on the kick receive team have to be on the first line only.
  16. We will follow high school rules except as noted above.

H:   Playing Rules: 7th/8th Grade

  1. Will follow IHSA Rules.
  2. If a player gets ejected from a game for unsportsman like conduct, that player is also ejected for the next game as well.  This rule can not be overturned by either board i.e. the referee’s decision is final and binding.
  3. IHSA rules will be followed in regards to the amount of coaches allowed on the sidelines during games.
  4. Overtime rules: The first OT shall be from the 10 yard line, the 2nd OT shall be from the 5 yard line, the 3rd through end of game shall be from the 3 yard line, 2nd half playing rules.
  5. Each league shall schedule 4 referees per game; you may play a game with 3 referees but shall not play a game with only 2 referees. They shall receive $60.00 per game for 5th/6th grade and 7th/8th grade.
  6. Head Coaches will meet prior to the game to provide the total number of kids that will be playing for the team that day and the number of kid(s) sitting out for disciplinary and injury reasons. That lineup may be requested by league officials if a protest ensues.
  7. If an assistant coach gets ejected from a game he shall be suspended for the next game as well.  If he is ejected for a 2nd game in the same season he shall be put on suspension until a board review has been conducted.
  8. If a head coach gets ejected from a game he shall be suspended for the next game as well.  If he is ejected for a 2nd game in the same season he shall be put on suspension until a board review has been conducted.
  9. If a division has an odd number of teams or if there is a rainout, then week 9 will be used to finish the regular season.  If a division has an even number of teams and week 9 is not needed because of rain outs, then week 9 will be used for a championship as follows:  1 vs. 2 for League Champion, 3 vs. 4 for 3rd place, 5 vs. 6, 7 vs. 8, 9 vs. 10, 11 vs. 12, etc... The teams will be seated based on (1) record, (2) head to head, (3) points allowed, (4) point differential, and then draw from a hat.  See Attachment A for Trophy details. First team practice can be on July 28, 2015 and the first conference games will be on August 22, 2015.
  10. Anyone caught video taping or attending another teams practice uninvited will be immediately banned from the league.
  11. At no time shall a board member, Head Coach, or an Assistant Coach try to recruit a player from within the opposing league's high school boundary, (SHS, OHS, LPHS, FWC, SHS).  If a player signs up where he or she does not reside, the President's shall be notified. Violation for recruiting the coach will be banned from coaching and a board member removed from his duties for one season for the first offence and on the second offense he/she will be banned from the           conference.
  12. If your game is stopped for rain we will pick up the game were it was left off unless it was in the 4th quarter, then the Presidents have to agree to finish the game.
  13. 7/8 Grade shall use a Youth TDY size football or equivalent and 5/6 Grade shall use Junior TDJ size football or equivalent.
  14. Only players, coaches, chain gang, officials and other authorized personnel shall be allowed on the field or sidelines during games.  No unauthorized coaches are allowed. This will be enforced by the Commissioner/President of the league.  At Saint Bede all fans shall be in the stands only, no one is allowed to be on the practice/game fields except as listed above.

The joint rules committee shall meet annually. Each city shall host a meeting once every four years. The contract length of the following boards is through the 2015 season.  At which time a new charter will be drafted and signed. The rules listed above will be revisited every year and are subject for review by all leagues in the LaSalle County Youth Football Conference. The process to make amendments is the joint rules committee first agrees on the change.  Then the individual boards are presented the change for final approval.  All boards listed below shall agree to the change prior to an amendment taking effect.  If all the boards do not agree to the change the previous rule/amendment shall prevail.  Amendments made to this charter shall be attached and made available upon request.

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